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Thread: Generic "Verge" Xbox Lcd is a PSOne screen!?!

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    Generic "Verge" Xbox Lcd is a PSOne screen!?!

    I have a "Verge" X box screen that I got for $40 from BB awhile ago, i opened it up to try out a projector project, and then i found that the board is the same as the PSone screen!! the only difference is that there is no controller board. if that makes sense, the original only had composite and that is accomplished by directly soldering wires to the round board. my questions is can i do the VGA hack without that 2nd board, so basicaly i have the large round board with the LCD attached.
    I would imagine that it should only take some probing, IE need to find what pins on the daugter board go to what pins on the main board, and what do they go through on the way there, IE resistors, capacators and the like.
    if anyones interested in helping me at all i could post some pictures, but this would give the DIY community another LCD screen with VGA type connector on it, becides the now (id imagine) in high demand PSone sony branded lcd screen

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    The answer should be in this forum , as people there have already RGB modded these screens.

    Here's the pinout to bypass the daughter card:

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    If it's a 'Verge' model, you got it at Circuit City.

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