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Thread: Creating a stronger input plug for RCA Video on Lilliput 619

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    Creating a stronger input plug for RCA Video on Lilliput 619

    Well I really wanted to hookup a ps2 or reverse camera to the lilliput but the connector is so fragile and wont stay in that I believe it needs to be redone. Im going to have sometime for the next month so Im thinking of taking on this project. I was reading this thread about making a dock for the lilliput which is not what I really want to do, but somewhat is at the same time. Pretty much just want a stronger connections just like the vga and touchscreen cable is. Any help and input would greatly be appreciated. I have no idea where to start buying connectors and such so any help would be great Thanks

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    IMHO, all the original lilliput connectors are extremely flimsy. You could consider making all the necessary links (DC power, VGA, touchscreen and rear view cam) via a single connector of better quality. I am using an aluminum bracket and a 15-pin D-connector: Renault Scenic II - SPDIF PC shows the idea. Of course this means having to solder inside your lilli.
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    any possible write up?

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