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Thread: Making a really short Lilliput VGA/USB cable... need tips

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    Making a really short Lilliput VGA/USB cable... need tips

    Hi. I managed to get the whole carputer in a gutted donor radio, so I was left with several extra feet of unnecessary Lilli cable. So, I thought, I'll just clip the cable and solder everything back together. Well my first try didn't work, so I guess I'm just lousy at soldering.

    Before I cut into it for a do-over, would it be better just to do away with the din connection and go to a one piece cable? Anything to look out for?

    Also, do I really need the choke on the VGA cable? If not, I can lose even more cable length.

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    Use meters to verify match wires. If you use color code to match wires, you will be screw. Worst case, you fried the screen.
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