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Thread: Moniter stand/ Bracket

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    Moniter stand/ Bracket

    Hi, I just purchased my first Lilliput screen
    On arrival i noticed the moniter stand probably wont fit to well in my car where i want to place it. How do you guys go about making a custom stand for it to fit. Basically all i want it to do is be screwed into the top part of my dash though i want to be able to remove it everytime i leave my car. The lilliput bracket seems a bit too big and will stick out too far. Is there anywhere i could buy another bracket that will fit it? Or guides to making a custom ones?
    Thanks for all the help.

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    You could make one out of a plastic sheet. just cut a strip ans use a heating element to make it plyable and bend it into a 'j' shape. or use velcro.

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