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Thread: Caliberating touchscreen!!!

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    Unhappy Caliberating touchscreen!!!

    Hey I have got a SGDQ 8" touchscreen and when trying to caliberate it. By doing the 4 crosses in each corner it says touch each flashing x untill it stops flashing i get the first one done andd the second one doesnt start????
    Any idea??
    The computer is xp pro The touch kit is made by chilin??
    Cheers shane
    Help needed asap as its for sons xmas present we cant seem to get it going

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    Could the problem possibly be that the resoloution is 800x600???
    When doing the drawing test say drawing a straight verticle line it will actually do an angled horozontial line Its basicly putting lines where ever it wants!!
    I also notice that whenn i touch the page in the drawing test al the lines lead to one point!
    All he;p will be appreciated

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    Actually, when I was caliberating my Tview 700TS I had the same problem at first too... Then I realized that you actually have to hold your finger/stylus at the cross for about 3-5 seconds... Until the rings of the target around it are all green.

    Then again, your caliberation program could be different from mine.
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    change the display setting to 640x480 or do a fresh installation of driver again without the USB plugged!!

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    Right see this is were ive found a proble, the lowest the resoloutions can be put to in the control panel is 800x600, How can i change it to 640x480?
    Already installed driver twice with out usb plugeed in.
    I am also using a usb drive keyboard and mouse my apple one.
    Could this be causing the problem as well?

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