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Thread: Installing Monitors in seats without headrests

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    Question Installing Monitors in seats without headrests

    Hello everyone, i have been browsing this forum for awhile now trying to get ideas. I have a 2002 ford explorer and i want to put in a dual DVD system. My problem is that my front seats are 1 piece bucket seats and do no have separate headrests. I would like to install 2 TFT monitors in the top of them but i was not sure if this is an accepted practice or if anyone else had done this before. The seats feel tight at the top like there would be foam there just like a removable headrest but im not exactly sure whats up there. Has anyone installed these monitors just in a seat?

    Thanks for any help/guidance.

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    The process wouldn't be any different. You're just going to be installing int he top portion of the seat rather than in a removable headrest.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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