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Thread: cold weather and my motorized touchscreen.

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    yeah the glare is ******* crazy, I'll definitely remove it now.

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    careful with the heat duct idea. going from cold to warm while blowing air across it might intriduce moisture. Instead of figuring ways to try to prevent or work around the safety feature, see if someone can wire up a small ceramic heater or something. Obviously nothing hot enough to cause fire, but enough to raise temp of unit a bit, also if there is enough space in area. I am thinking along the lines of like a heated seat circuit. hell, could even be installed with a thermocouple. Heat is too low, start car, jacket warms, screen heats. BINGO. my .02!

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    Um, I think building a heater is easier said than done. If you search for my posts, I've actually built a 100 watt blower type heater in an attempt to warm up my screen. Maybe my heater was just inefficient, but its actually REALLY difficult to change the ambient temperature by 30 degrees efficiently. Even in -10C temperatures, it took like 15 minutes for my screen to open.

    If anyone does decide to try to mess around with building a heater, I suggest something that perhaps blows the hot air INSIDE the screen itself (my heater blew hot air around the unit). However, this is easier said then done since there arent exactly any openings that can be used to direct the air. Or, a more efficient method might be to build contact-based heater, so you are heating up the metal casing of the screen directly rather than the air around it. This might pose problems as certain parts inside will get extremely hot(the parts near/touching the heated metal), while other areas will remain cold, since the air inside the unit is not being moved/stirred around.

    So yea...if anyone manages to get this screen working in these low temperatures, please post and let us know.

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