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Thread: Bought a monitor but no power or ground wire?

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    Unhappy Bought a monitor but no power or ground wire?

    Hey, im new here but pretty good w/ installing things on my car but im stumped i bought this monitor off my buddy it's an ma hedrest monitor i think. Anyway it only has an s-video wire sticking out of it no power or ground and theirs no spot for it and im not that smart but im sure it needs to be powered to get signal so i don't know if anyone out there knows anything plzzzzzzz hit me up. Thanx.

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    If you can't see any connectors other than S-Video, I suggest you to open it up and look for thick red and black wires under the monitor's case.
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    Often these monitors carry power on the svideo-like connector.
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    Have you Googled for the installation manual? It probably has the details in it. What type of monitor is it?
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    So you think the monitor will work if plugged in by s-video? It's an ma audio 6.5 inch monitor, i tried looking for it but cant find a manual or anything.

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    is it one of these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blinginbu
    So you think the monitor will work if plugged in by s-video? It's an ma audio 6.5 inch monitor, i tried looking for it but cant find a manual or anything.
    What he means is the cable you need looks like the circled one in my picture. The end with the arrow has the connector that looks like an S-Vid, and the other side has 2 RCA video inputs, and the 3rd will be your power connector, to be mated by a typical barrel connector for + and -.
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    Hey motorcity i know what your talking about now i went to a stereo shop and he told me what i needed my wire isnt s-video it has 6 pins and he didnt know where i could find the cable, so if you know where i can buy the cable that would be great. Or u think it would work if i cut the 6 pin connector off then make my own connections. let me know l8er.

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    hey bro ive got one of these cables in my garage ill find it and take a pic to show u it might work out for u

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