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Thread: in-dash DVD HU with touch screen and VGA???

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    in-dash DVD HU with touch screen and VGA???

    Hi everyone,

    Well, I just found out my truck only has a 1.5 DIN and not a double DIN. That means I cannot install both a 1 DIN head unit and a 1 DIN motorized touch screen VGA monitor unless I want to start chopping up the dash.

    Does anyone know if there are head units available that have a stereo tuner, DVD player, motorized touch screen display and which ALSO has a VGA input so that I could still connect a PC to it?

    If not, then it looks like I have to give up my in-dash stereo/cd player and install just a motorized flip screen monitor to work with my PC that I'll be installing.

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    check they have some with stereo amp built in
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    Actually, none with a built-in amp. There is one with a built-in AM/FM tuner/TV tuner.
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