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Thread: How can you easily tell which xenarc screen you have

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    How can you easily tell which xenarc screen you have

    This might sound like a daft question but, how do you tell which xenarc screen you have?

    I ordered a screen last week and have received it a few days ago, I ordered the Xenarc 700TSV, but I think I may have been sent a 700TS.

    The box I got has the 700YYV box ticked but the sticker on the back of the screen says 700Y-Y. The cable with the screen has video socket two yellow rca sockets and a white RCA socket, but there is no menu for audio. I can get a feed in from my PC but cannot get any external video or audio feeds through the screen.

    Could someone please clear this up for me, so I can contact the company I got it from to exchange it if it is not the right one.


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    There are 4 different models.
    700Y (non touch screen 1 vga input)
    700YV (non touch screen 1vga input and 2 video inputs)
    700TS (touch screen 1 vga input)
    700TSV (touch screen 1 vga input and 2 video inputs)

    By the description of the cable you have, you either have a 700YV, or 700TSV. The TSV should also have a USB cable for the touch screen. To get external video sources on the screen, you need to change the video input mode.

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