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Thread: Lilliput has 2 fuses

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    Exclamation Lilliput has 2 fuses

    Ok so i bought the kit from and was putting my screen in. Well it turns out after a day of troubleshooting a screw was shorting the bottom left corner of the board... So after freaking out and cursing myself into the ground I took out a volt meter and checked the power.

    It turns out that right next to the power connection on the lilli, there is this white block. Its a fuse. Its a 1 amp fuse actually. But its labled as func and that threw me off since i'm not well versed in electronics. I jumped the fuse and IT CAME BACK TO LIFE.

    I just wanted to let people know about the second fuse since this can be overlooked and make a lilli look dead.

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    Two people from the same website with odd issues, and they mentioned the fuse, lol.

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    Yeah I was getting a bad connection to it so I just ripped the barrel jack off the board.

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