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Thread: Help choosing an LCD

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    Help choosing an LCD

    I am about ready to do the final install in my vehicle and I want to know should I need to go VGA... I am just going to use it as a front end for music, GPS and Movies... do I really need VGA if I dont plan on trying to use the carputer as a full PC?

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    i would go VGA bro. im sure you planned on using s-video. you would have to take into consideration that s-video quality is somewhat inferior to VGA. As you said you would like to use it for movies also, i would suggest you go VGA. Xernac would fit your car perfect as there are threads with guys who have done that and even a store where you can order a finished bezel to match your car DIN.

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    It's really up to you.
    There's a couple things you need to understand:
    1) You need a device (video adapter or scan converter) to allow output through composite video. You haven't mentioned anything about youer setup, so we don't know whether you have this capability or not.
    2) The Tv-out will not look as crisp & clear as a VGA signal. Text and images will be blurry and appear out of focus. Small text is likely to be unreadable. If you're going to utilize GPS navigation, this will likely make street names unreadable.

    My suggestion is to set up the hardware to use the TV out if you already have the hardware to make that work, such as an in-dash screen or something, but do the full-fledged install. See how the video output looks for what you're going to use the PC for. If it's acceptable to you, then go ahead and do your install.
    If you're not happy with it, then you can work on obtaining a VGA monitor. In the interim, you can still do your install and use teh composite video screen, knowing that you're going to replace it down the road.
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    You're gonna want VGA, especially for your GPS stuff (but everything will look better on it). I threw my front end up on a 7" non-VGA screen from a portable DVD player and it was almost unreadable.

    Other considerations you really need to look at are what will fit (7" or 8") and what resolution are you going to/can you use (800x480, 800x600, ?).

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