I did a search on the forums and found the motorised housing for the lilliput 7" (from digital ww) touchscreens however in one of the posts someone mentions its a bit dodgy, so im not sure if i wanna go for this. I have the non-motorised housing in my car atm and the damn thing melted/warped on me! This caused the touchscreen to be pressed all the time and it took ages for me to fix

Anyways, I searched ebay for housings too and there arent any. If my only option is the motorised one mentioned above then I may consider buying a cheap motorised screen, removing the screen and putting my lilliput in there. The only problem to this is that some screens motorised mechanism is built into the board which I need to remove, so once I put in my lilliput the motor mechanism wont work anymore has anyone done this before? if so, which screen did you use and how successful was your screen transplant?