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Thread: D1006 7" tft lcd touchscreen monitor

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    D1006 7" tft lcd touchscreen monitor

    hey i just wanted to know if anyone had this ^

    found it on ebay for $540
    stats looks fairly straightforward and pretty decent too

    clickity click here to see the listing.

    clickity click here to see the sellers store. he's got good ****.

    i'd like to hear some opinions. yes this is my first post lol. but i've been registered for quite some time. lurking and reading.

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    I doubt it.
    It doesn't have VGA input, which is what most of us want for an in-car PC monitor. The touchscreen is only to control the headunit and not a PC.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    on second inspection. that doesn't look too hot!

    haha thanks for pointing it out too man.

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