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Thread: Wanted: Ultimate VGA extension cable.

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    Red face Wanted: Ultimate VGA extension cable.

    I want to find a VGA extension cable that has a single wire for each pin. I.E. Every pin isolated from every other pin. I know that there has to be a place to find such a cable.

    Freaking RadioCrap's VGA extension cable has pins 6,7, and 8 shorted with ground. (Which makes sense because they are all signal grounds but that is besides the point.) And it was expensive to boot. So I gave them back their cable.

    I am going to try another extension cable from another shop here and see if by chance it isn't built the same way.

    I want the cable so that I can extend the entire dongle for my TM-868 rather than using multiple cables for video, USB, and RCA. If anyone knows of an internet retailer that sells such a cable the info is much appreciated!

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    post a pic of your cable

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    Build your own cable, that's how I made my VGA extension in my car, and a RGB-VGA cable for my home-cinema.
    Only thing you need are 2 VGA connectors and a isolated multicable with enough wires.
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