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Thread: Identifying Cables for Video, Audio & Power

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    Identifying Cables for Video, Audio & Power

    Okay, I have this DVD player and Composite screen. The DVD Player takes 12 volts then has an 8-pin S-Video "style" cable that runs to the screen. That cable carries power, video and audio to the screen. The screen then has a pair of RCA connectors for left/right audio coming out of it.

    So, I need to know which pin is which so I can use the DVD player with a different screen.

    With a multimeter I have found a couple of grounds, one pin showing 12v and another 2v but that's about it. My question(s) therefore is... how can I safely identify what wire is doing what?

    I have tested for continuity from the speaker cables backwards and found the outer RCA connector must be ground as it is shared, both connect to two pins in the cable. I get no continuity from the inner connector though although there is a volume control on the screen, would that affect testing for continuity?

    How can I detect a video signal using a mulimeter?

    How can I detect an audio signal using a multimeter?

    If I can't how should I experiment with hooking it up without blowing anything... heh..!

    Any help MUCH appreciated!


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    Here is a rough sketch of what is going on so far...
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    maybe a breakout cable??
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