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Thread: 800x480 on Intel 845, some hope?

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    800x480 on Intel 845, some hope?

    Ok, dont' get your hopes up too high just yet. I've found something called a Flexmode display driver on a set-top box called Vario. Basically, it modifies the standard intel 845 chipset display driver to allow 848x480. I know that's not quite 800x480 but it's defintly a non-standard resolution.

    This document here (from downloads) shows detailed info on the bits required to switch the display timing on the chip. My guess is that it's all a matter of the driver matching up the display's specs.

    I tried to install the software on my commell motherboard, which has the intel chipset but kept getting an "unsupporte feature" error or something like that. I'll be having another attempt at some point, but thought I will share this with others. I'm hoping that someone more clued up than me on vga drivers etc. may be able to use this info.

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    On another thread a while back I posted how I got the Intel downloadable dev driver to do 800x480... but the problem is that driver doesn't support hibernate/standby. Oh well.

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    There is absolutely no use in trying to obtain 848x480. It is NOT a native resolution for any panels. Native resolution is 800x480. May as well use an easy-to-obtain 800x600 or whatever if you are going to use a non-native resolution.

    Put your energy into obtaining 800x480 resolution if you are going to muck about with resolutions.

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    I agree. The point of this thread is that with the Flexmode drives, someone has messed with the timing of the intel 845 chip to acheive a non standard resolution, which I thought is a good starting point to tweaking the drivers a little.

    Merzbow has managed to get 800x480 as can be seen in this thread on an 865 chipset, but had trouble with hibernation.

    I'll be trying his method out on my 845 to see if the same can be done. will report back soon. Thanks for the hope Merzbow!

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