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Thread: Respond here if you want glare/brightness solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by bosstone74
    Yeah what he said...or did the dude kill him when he went to check out the screens?
    from 2/3 weeks ago : Transreflective Upgrade - The Review

    300zx TT Manual
    - VoomPC Case, M1-atx PSU
    - VIA EPIA MII-12000
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    - 7" VGA Touch screen
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    - Creative Extigy USB Sound

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayvader
    There's a new thread. THis one is dead. Go to Transflective - The Review.

    this thread is no deader than that one, actually since that thread turned into a dead end for individuals at this point this thread is probably the more likely place to continue with screen enhancements..... although nathan is still attempting to find another solution..

    someone there mentioned, I spoke to them a while ago about replacing polarizers to alter viewing angles.... they are pretty helpful & that might be a shot for you guys.....

    that thread is a review for a modification by fpdgroup, & fpdgroup no longer does anything for ayone in anything less than 10 identical pieces... that takes a little life out of that thread to continue there about alternatives is kinda thread crapping to a certain extent, not that theres anything wrong with that

    edit:, I also see that nathan from fpd group is still trying to find another solution on his end, so that threads not dead either, but probably not the best place for alternatives I would think..

    did we ever get an answer from dave that started this thread about the 3m films?... that was a good possibilty to for the guys who wanted the cheapest option.... for the guys who are really determined & willing to spend what it takes there are other options out there too...

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