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Thread: lcd question

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    lcd question

    ive been thinking about putting a carputer into my honda for a little while. Ive been looking at parts and monitors etc. i know monitors can be expensive, especially good ones. i was searching ebay,(yeah i know) and i came accross a few inexpensive ones, not saying im gonna buy a cheap one if i decide to go with a carputer. Here is one i came across, i was just curious to see if this would work.

    i know its not a touch screen, but i think i can get away with out one. i thought about setting up a wireless mouse or rig something up interesting.

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    The touchscreen is merely for convenient control of the PC. If you have an alternate means of controlling the PC and applications, then it should be great for you.
    If you decide you want touchscreen functionality later on, you can always purchase a touchkit when you're ready.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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