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Thread: Molex powering LCD using cigarette lighter cabling?

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    Question Molex powering LCD using cigarette lighter cabling?

    Hey guys.

    Im gonna power my lcd (LinITX 7" touchscreen from my psu.

    Ive read i can use a molex adn so it shall be.however im concerned about the thickness of the wire inside the cigarette lighter that i have to use to connect to the molex wires.

    as you can see below, or mite not, sorry bout low quality, the molex cables are a lot more thick than the wires inside the cigarette lighter.

    Name:  iRoNiC010.jpg
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    Is this safe?Should i use those cables and connect them to the thicker molex wires?

    btw i checked the cables from the the ac converter taht came with the lcd and they are a lot thicker i better off using these instead of the cigarette lighter??

    thanks guys
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    I think the wire size it came with (stock) is sufficient. I don't like them just because they are fragile and it is hard to get a good connection between large wires and small wires. That is why I soldered those two together.

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    It's fine. The LCD only take an amp or 2.
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    Yeah, the 7" Lilliput only pulls .75 amp (9w/12v), so I can't imagine the LinITX screen draws much more. That wire should be fine. How far are you going with it? Much more than 6 feet and you might want to consider making it a larger gauge.

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