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Thread: new model K301B in dash monitor questions

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    new model K301B in dash monitor questions

    I am a newbie and have decided on the K301B for my motorized
    in dash monitor. Where is the best place to get it? I want
    to make sure I get the new model at the best price.

    Autonode has the new model for $349.
    Has anyone bought from Autonode before?

    Does anyone know if mp3car has the newer model because it looks like
    the older model and I want the newer features.

    I also found at DWW but not in stock:
    Do they mean coming soon for the new model?
    Looks like the old model in the photo.

    Does anybody know of a better option than the K301? It looks like the
    best one to me. Thanks for any input.

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    I also have a K301 and I think it is the best choice if you want to go with motorized one. And BTW K301B's features is nothing new i guess... because K301 does all that. Anyways, hope you get good setup~
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    Apparently the new model fixes the problems mentioned below which I found on this thread:

    Touch Screen in-dash monitor

    1) Will only switch to the reverse camera if viewing the AV channels, if in VGA mode no switch!

    2) When using either the AV channels or reverse camera inputs from power on the screen stays in NTSC mode and fails to detect the PAL signal. Switching sources fixes this but it's annoying as hell.

    3) Really annoying feature where it starts up with the default brightness setting not the user presets! This leaves the screen washed out and unreadable.

    The Autonode website mentions these new features:
    1) The display automatically switches to the rear view camera video input when the vehicle is in reverse gear and then switches back to the previous VGA or video source when taken out of reverse gear

    2) The display remembers all user settings and the position set by the
    motorized controls after being powered off and back on

    It looks like this monitor is the best choice as long as it is installed properly.
    Anyone have any problems installing this monitor?

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    Just wanted to bump this up and say that I ordered this monitor from Autonode yesterday, and it was on my doorstep today. I did 'Home Delivery' shipping, only cost about $6... and it got here in one day. The monitor is hooked up to my carputer now, and looks FANTASTIC!!! I am very impressed with it. Just FYI... but I HIGHLY recommend Autonode.

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    Thanks for the info. Based on the previous post, I finally decided to buy from Autonode and am pleased that I did. I placed my order last Wednesday and received the package on Friday.
    Only paid $9 for FedEx Ground...
    I would have to agree this is the best in-dash LCD on the market that I have seen and I have friends with the Lilliput and Xenarc.

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    Autonode are now shipping to the UK and Australia.

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    Autonode's $349 sounds really cheap if you compare the prices between sellers. Anyone know if the price is inc vat? I emailed them some days ago but havent recived any answer. I really want one

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    Exclamation ??

    Can I buy from Autonode, an individual buy?, because I cant see any buy icon on it website

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    seems they're sold out right now.. i'm having trouble with mine. i think it's defected. (motor doesn't seem to work anymore.)

    when it worked, it was great. very bright, nice touchscreen, came up pretty slow but i think it was because of the motor..

    right now, i'm trying to return it for a new one.

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    do not buy from autonode... read my other posts PLEASE might be sorry later on

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