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Thread: Video Out or Scan Converter

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    Video Out or Scan Converter

    O.K., now that I've decided on which screen to use, which has better qaulity, a scna converter or TV out from a ATI card? I currently have a Focus TV VIew Micro XGA scan converter and the only thing that I have been able to compare it to is the Video Out on my Toshiba Laptop which uses a Trident card I beleive. I have searched the archives and only came across 2 post re: quality. One said the SC was better, the other said the video card TV out was better. ANy other opinions?

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    I have a Geforce that seems pretty good TV Out, although I once used a very nice and very very expensive sony scan convertor that had truely amazing (broadcast quality) tv output, but with a price tag to match! The thing is, try the ATI card and see if you like it - it will prob. be fine as most cheap scan convertors are not all that good. However, if you can get an expensive scan convertor then that will look far nicer.

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    I use a USB scan converter bought in the UK. Basically it draws its power from the USB port, it has a connector to plug into a standard VGA port and then outputs to composite video in either PAL or NTSC. Not bad for 60, saves me having to stick full size PCI cards in the machine as I am trying to keep the profile of the system as low as possible.
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