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Thread: Lilliput 8" VGA too wide for a DIN?

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    Lilliput 8" VGA too wide for a DIN?

    Am i just totally wrong here? The specs say the LCD is

    LCD Panel: Height 5 1/2" (141mm) x Width 7 3/16"(186mm)

    but when i measure the width of the center console, the triple DIN spot i would put it in is only 6 3/4".

    This tells me it wont fit, however it doesn't make sense that a screen would be developed that's ~1/2" too wide to be seen in most setups. Is my thinking wrong here?

    I'm looking to purchase either the 7 inch or preferably the 8" screen today, however i have no interest in cutting the sides of my center console to see the edges of the screen. I know the 7" fits fine.

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    does anyone know if the 8" lilliput fits width wise in a DIN

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