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Thread: Broken Motorized Touchscreen Mechanism

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    Unhappy Broken Motorized Touchscreen Mechanism

    I have one of the motorized touchscreens that MP3Car first released, before the current MTSVO model.

    You are most likely aware that there are two motors to move the screen. One of the motors moves the screen in and out, and one motor tilts the screen up and down. The problem with my touchscreen is that one of the gears that makes the screen move in and out has one of the teeth chipped off. Now I need to help the screen move in and out.

    Is there anything I can do?
    Can I buy a new gear from somewhere?

    I would appreciate any help I can get.

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    You may have luck find a gear here:

    Also, some fleaBay auctions such as here or here.

    Also, you can always have someone make the gear such as: ...but i dont know if they have miniumums.

    Last but not least, contact the manu of the screen and see if they can sell u the gear. Is your warranty out on the screen?

    btw...make sure you measure the gear, count the teeth, and all that before getting one that "looks" like it will work. Everything needs to be almost exact.

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    Unhappy different problem

    Thank you for your help. It seems that I have, through some careful realigning of different gears, managed to get that whole process working again. I have a new problem, though. Now, the screen comes out and tilts up just fine (well, maybe a little too far) but then when the screen tilts down to retract, it tilts down too far and won't retract. Maybe I should realign the tilt sensor. Any ideas?

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