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Thread: Transflective Upgrade available who wants it?

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    Is the price for the touchscreen include a new controler? So I can send in a non touchscreen Xenarc and have it come back a touchsceen version with transflective?
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    I already asked that, in the technical thread, the answer is yes

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    What would also be cool, is if FPD recommended a car sized non-touchscreen (7-8") that works well with their process (sounds like NEC is good) for those that have yet to buy a screen. Thus one could look at the overall purchase of a carpc touchscreen as comprising:

    FPD recommended screen: $???
    transflective upgrade: $245.95
    touchscreen: $156.00
    = $??? Total
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    We reeccomend NEC, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba for just about any application for the best overall quality. Stay away from AUO. The brandnames like Lilliput etc. mean nothing to me, please refer to earlier posting about this. It all depends upon the manufacturer of the LCD. If you are going to make a custom bezel, or mount in dash I suggest going to Jaco electronics, Bell Micro, or some other authorized manufacturer dealer of lcds. Once again, make sure when you buy one that it comes with the controller board, inverter and power supply. You should expect to pay (for open frame lcd) between $220 - $320 depending upon size, resolution, temp limits etc. So for a 7" lcd you should get a pricing of around:
    LCD $269
    Touchscreen $156
    Transflective $245
    $670 + or - $35

    This is just an estimation, of cost, I make no claims to its accuracy.

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    6.4" - NEC & LG (Whatever is current production)
    7.0" - Primeview (current production) (stay away from AUO)
    8.4" - NEC & Toshiba

    Grayvader asked about LTM08C351 lcd, that one we have modified before it turned out well.

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    I agree with Bfarm, i would not mind paying more if it included an lcd panel. I would not dare spend that much on my lilliput.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonicxtacy02
    i think you'd have alot more interest if someone would get teh finished product and prove its worth the hassle
    I would have to agree...I'm pretty sure that it would increase the group buy size and hence make it just that much better price wise..
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    Count me in. 7" Lilli.

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    price discount confirmed

    I just confirmed with our sales manager that if we have an order of 10+ mods we can offer a 10% discount on the total order.*

    *FYI: if orders are mixed (some 7" some 8.4") the total order is discounted on the total price, therefore those who have an 8.4" will get less of a discount then those who have a 7" overall but that is all dependent upon ratio between sizes in total order.

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    My 700tsv xenarc has a hitachi LCD (I believe). im willing to pay 400 or so for the transreflective upgrade. it sucks not being able to use it in direct sunlight, esp living in southern california.

    Hello...! you guys are in Chino Hills, thats like a 10 minute commute. Is there anything that I could come down and see? I can give a detailed review on here so people know what they are getting.

    Count me in.
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