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Thread: Transflective Upgrade available who wants it?

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    all i'm saying is that I don't have that much money right now to spend on an upgrade. in my opinion its too much, but hope it works out for u guys.
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    also keeping an eye on this thread. .v.interested in the outcome, looking forward to the pictures of what can be done..


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    well.. im keeping an eye on this thread, im interested, but dont put me on the list.....

    im in australia, it'd take me like 2 months without a screen, depending on how long you need with it, and shipping times of course..

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    I too am keeping a keen eye on this thread.

    @fire. Hopefully we could get it as a kit an install it ourselves instead of sending our screens to the US.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nameeri

    The only lcd that I have see which looks completely readable outdoors (not in direct sunlight) was the one on my bros SONY VAIO TX laptop. That doesnt use transreflective technology as far as im aware, but a special anti reflective coating on the exterior glass. Along with dual backlights for a brighter picture.
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    The screen is completely readable in direct sunlight, you can if you turn it just right get a reflection, but in the vast majority of cases it looks great, in fact it is easier to read outside in the sun than inside b/c the backlight is weak to save batteries. Anyway that is just to say transflective screens work wonders.

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    As long as the lcd is around 8-8.4" and under 500$ I'm in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghettocruzer View Post
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