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Thread: Transflective Upgrade available who wants it?

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    Transflective Upgrade available who wants it?

    This thread is to basically guage interest in a group buy for the transflective upgrade to make our monitors sunlight readable please refer to this thread Respond here if you want glare/brightness solution starting on page 5 with nmbenson post for more information about the upgrade.

    I have a 7" Lilliput and these are the prices he quoted for particular monitor upgrade

    transflective - $245.95
    touchscreen - $156.00
    = $401.95

    I'm interested in getting this done so question #1 is how many people are in with me?
    #2 how much of a discount do we get with a group buy and how many people do we need for this so it can get started

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    Because I understand that everyone here is very sensitive to the price and this is a very high tech solution, I will quote out according to our last fiscal year's pricing. Please goto:, this is our old page with pricing we can do for The price break we can offer is dependent upon order size. Please remember we are used to doing orders in the hundreds. So I am guessing there could be a price break at 10+ units modified.

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    Count me as number 1
    I'm tired of not being able to see my screen in the day time.

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    Do we have anyone with any experience with this kit yet? Is it confirmed that the trioLCD transflective enhancements definitely make the Lilliputs/Xenarcs daylight readable?

    It definitely sounds promising. Direct Link to the crucial information about this upgrade: Respond here if you want glare/brightness solution
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    I had my screen "tranfectivized" by FPD a while back, and can vouch for their service. I used a NEC panel (which they recommended at the time as being most receptive to their process) so I don't know how well it works on the lilliput/xenarc (which, as I understand it, may use various makes of panels anyway, so even I had used one it may not be indicative of what you'd see.)

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    $400 is too much for me. At $200, count me in.
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    I'm interested. Toshiba 8.4" LTM08C351 panel.

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    As others have pointed out, I don't know why people are balking at the price, when they're spending 2-3 times that on the computer and accessories...

    I'm interested in it for an 8" panel, brand as of yet undetermined.

    In another post you mentioned a RANGE of prices on the touchscreen upgrade, suggesting an even better touchscreen in the $200 range (vs. the $156 quoted above). What's the info on this?


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    i think you'd have alot more interest if someone would get teh finished product and prove its worth the hassle Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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