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Thread: Question about LCD Screen

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    Question about LCD Screen

    I am newbie to the forum and doing car computers, but not to the computer world.
    I have done some research on the SUPER brand of LCD monitor, and I am looking for a "low" budget screen for a setup that I am going to being building using a laptop that the screen is broke on. Any information that you can provide about the auction listed below would be of great help and greatly appreciated. My plan is to build a custom center dash for the 96 Dodge Neon that I am working on. I know that touch screen would be nice, but with budget concern I though a simple TFT LCD with VGA input would be better.

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    well think about it when you have no touch screen you will have to mess with a mouse and a keyboard and this can be fun when driving, I used parts from a laptop to build some of mine and it worked out well but I used a touch screen as there more fun and safer also there not that costly
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