I noticed the the Xenarc and Telpeak( http://www.telepeak.com/pro-5.htm) have the same monitors, and I called Xenarc and they said they do order some of them from here http://www.telepeak.com/pro-5.htm

So my question is that should I order from Xenarc and get the 700TSV or
GA-700V 7-Inch (16:9) LCD Monitor with Audio/Video Signal Inputs same monitors but price I need to find out from Telepeak.

I think that Telepeak Manufactors these lcds and sells them to companys like Xenarc and they brand them as there own changing, the Model number too; so it cant be found for less from what they price them as!

go here to see what I am talking about!


[URL="http://www.globalsources.com/gsol/GeneralManager?search_what=1&action=GetPoint&actio n=DoFreeTextSearch&prodNo=0&type=new&catalog_id=20 00000003844&article_search=off&point_search=on&pro duct_search=on&point_id=3000000149681&query=vga+lc d&page=search%2FProductSearchResults&select_catego ry=2000000003844&supplier_search=off"]