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Thread: Name that part... PLEASE!!

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    Name that part... PLEASE!!

    I have a super/avatar lcd that I fried. I am trying to find out what this chip is called on the right, as you can tell its fried. When I plug in the power adapter you can hear the adapter buzzing slightly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    It appears to be the exact same as the one on the left. Looks like some sort of transistor.

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    could you give the name of the one on the left.

    Most of time it is the same or the "complementary" one.

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    99% it is a transistor. the Q6 markning makes me sure for this.
    It is very difficult to find the exact part number of SMD parts.
    The best you can do, is to try one General purpose transitor like BC850.
    If this not work, try the complementary one (i dont remember the part number).
    As i noticed, the PCB traces are a little thicker than the rest. Probalbly this pair of transistors controls the brightness of the screen.

    Hope this helps.
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    What is written on the one at the left side ?
    It can be p-n-p or n-p-n structure transistor.
    Each pin of the transistor has it own name like: emmiter, collector, base.
    You should connect them exactly as they are.
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    For some reason I always find name that part posts funny. But I agree its a transistor, and its hard to tell but it looks like they may both be the same just wired differently to take advantage of various aspects of a transistor. but it is hard to tell.
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    The chip on the left (Q5) has a label on top "DK QJ". The chip on the right (Q6) has the same label on the top "DK .." the rest burnt off. I'm going to try that chip you guys recommended. "BC850". So I just cut the legs off and resolder the new chip?

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