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Thread: MTSVO-SC Touch Problem

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    MTSVO-SC Touch Problem

    I got my Carputer V2.0 installed in my new 4Runner last week and promptly wenton a road trip to Chicago. The computer itself is the same as before. The only major differences are the Audio Processor and the Screen.

    I have had 2 issues with the MTSVO-SC intermittently and one annoyance.

    1. A few times the picture went all jiggly for lack of a better explanation. It was just a slight wiggle jiggle other than that it worked fine. I would turn the car off and then on and it would be back to normal.

    2. My main issue. The touch panel randomly stops working. I did a search here and found a few, older, similar threads but no solutions. Iím going along and suddenly the touch isnít working. At first turning the car off and on fixed it. Then that became a pain, seeing as how I was driving to Chicago. After a few days of fitteling with it I discovered how to get it back up. If I run all my fingers across the screen with some force it comes back up. Then anywhere from 2 min. to 2 hr. later itís out again. I canít see how it could have anything to do with the USB cable because it doesnít make the dodo unplug sound. The only thing I can think of is its something to do with the Touch Panels itself or and internal connection in the unit.

    3. The really annoying part. I have the computer set to a 10 min. delay to shutdown. But, if I turn the car off and back on without restarting the computer the Touch panel doesnít work. What happens is when the car is turned off the MTSVO closes and windows think I unplugged the USB device. When the screen turns back on windows does not recognize the USB device as being plugged back in. Is there any way to keep power to the USB touch panel and not the LCD as long as the computer is on?

    Any suggestions would be great. I really donít want to have to take it out and be with out music to send it back.


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    I feel your pain, I got one of these too. I don't have all those problems but I do get the usb problem. Its the nature of the screen, I added a on/off/ign switch to my setup so that i don't need to pull over to reset things.

    Did yours have a cover on the touch screen you needed to take off? I think mine has one but i don't want to pick at it if its just part of the screen.

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