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Thread: 800x600 stopped working! Help Please! Ex-Audio TS LCD

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    Nov 2007
    same problem out of range and blue screen.
    anybody fixed by changing eprom ??

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    I just run 800x480. Works fine............
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    i've just blown all my 800x600 refresh rates.. damn auto****up button!

    luckily i changed the mobo for a nvidia chipset and voila there goes 800x480 and so long for this problem.. (i hope)

    still no responses on whether the eeprom replacement works..

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    time to add my name to the list of people who lost their 800x600 mode.

    Lilliput EBY701

    this is ridiculous

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    My Lilliput stop working to resolution 640x480 and 800x600.
    Help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanaDeth View Post
    I just got the dreaded "out of range" problem about an hour ago... I was going for a drive and went to press the brightness button only to accidentally press the auto adjust button, and good bye to 800X600 resolution....
    Resurrecting an old thread because this just happened to me. My 8" Lilliput is powered via my Opus 320 power supply and has always worked flawlessly and then today, I accidentally pressed the dreaded auto adjust button and bam, bye bye 800x600.
    I hooked up an external monitor and it came up fine. What's weird is if I unplug the video cable from the monitor and into the Lilliput, the 800x600 display is fine and everything works but as soon as I reboot, the "out of range" happens. Really weird.
    What's the purpose of the damn auto adjust button anyways? It seems like it's the root of everyone's problem.
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