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Thread: 800x600 causing screen shift??

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    800x600 causing screen shift??

    Alrighty guys, maybe this has been dealt with before, and if it has I'm sorry for not really trying that hard to look anything up.

    When I use the 800x600 resolution on my 7" Xenarc TS the screen shifts to the right about 1/3 of the way. So 1/3 of the left side of the screen is black, and what should be all the way to the left... starts where the black ends. If I want to click on the start button which would be the bottom left, I can't just click on it. I have to click the bottom left of the screen where it SHOULD be.

    Anyways, I've been using this resolution with Road Runner and the Simplistique skin for over a month now, and it's always worked fine. Then like 3 days ago it just booted up and did that. So confusing, and I have to run it in 800x480, and I can't open up Road Runner to use the front end because it'll adjust back to 800x600 (which is the resolution of Road Runner) and the screen will shoot to the right.

    Any ideas guys?

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    Have you tried to recalibrate the Xenarc? It probably just went back to factory default or something like that.

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    i'm a dumb ***.

    when i molded my screen into the dash i left the front buttons out, and well... all i needed to do was do the Auto Detect again. Had to take it apart to get to it. no biggie... hopefully it doesn't happen again. thanks for the help though

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