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Thread: can any1 help me ?

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    can any1 help me ?

    ok heres the deal. I just install a Polaroid 7" lcd, an xbox, and an jvc stereo.
    got everything hook up and working. now when I power up the xbox & screen
    I get a wave running through the screen. the screen is powered from the cig outlet. the xbox is also powered from a power inverter plugged in to the cig outlet. both are plugged in to an 3 port aux cig outlet hardwired to the stereo power & ground. and both work great. the stereo has an aux/changer port I modded to accept a male headphone input. audio from the xbox plugs directly into the female headphone jack wired to the stereo. now when the audio cable from the xbox is plugged into the stereo I get a wave on the screen and alternator whine, I unplug the audio cable the wave and whine disappears. I have tried to get rid of this problem. I wire the 3 port aux cig outlet the the original cig outlet wires, created a chassis ground for the 3 port outlet & for the stereo. I read that alternator whine is caused by a ground loop & tried all the mentioned methods I read to get rid of it, but its still there. what am I doing wrong ? can any1 help me get rid of this ?

    Thank you

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    any1 ?

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    My guess is either you didn't ground the xbox properly, or your coax video cable is bad and isn't shielded.
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    Could be something to do with the inverter as well.

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    thanks for the replies guys, I got the wave gone by disconnecting the audio cable (from the xbox) ground wire. and presto the wave is gone. I still have the alternator whine though. I can live with that cause I turn my stereo up so loud you can't here it unless I mute the audio via the xbox. also how can the xbox not be grounded correctly ? I just took an xbox from my house & put it my truck ?

    thanks again for the ideas.


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