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Thread: stupid touch screen

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    Unhappy stupid touch screen

    when i first got the touch screen drivers (touchkit i think is what its called) installed and rebooted the touch screen worked fine... it kept working fine also but every time i turned off the computer i would click start and shutdown that way. That was fine and all untill while i was testing the wire slipped off my battery and forced a hard shut down on the comp. Now the touchscreen isn't responding to the touch part, the screen is find i get the windows background and all. Please help =/.

    I hope this hasn't already been answered but i searched for an hour or so and couldn't find an answer.

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    A few areas you might want to look into, listed probably in the order you want to check.

    1) Did the "wire slipped off" cause a short or merely cut power abruptly? You probably would want to check to make sure other components are not fried or anything.

    2) Check the USB hub. How are other USB devices doing? Try pulling out the touch screen usb cable and plugging into another port? Does the OS see the touchscreen plugged in?

    3) Try reinstalling the Touchkit program.

    4) Bust out a multimeter and check to see if the touch controller is powered and all that good stuff.

    There probably are other stuff to check, but it's 3am and my brain is already asleep.

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