it seems i have a problem with my touch screen and i think it is heat related, but i could be wrong. anyhow, whenever it is hot the screen malfunctions and the mouse moves whereever it wants...and clicks all the time like crazy it opened 28 instances of a program i was opening its terrible. this is a recent development along with the fact that i had to change the timings on the screen in powerstrip because the ones that used to work (the set given in a screen shot by xenarc) were causing the screen to be to the right and down leaving a black void on the left and top. after i changed the timings to the other set given by xenarc the screen lined up correctly, BUT now the mouse function of the touch screen does not work right at all
i tried to re calibrate it several times but it still messes up like crazy and i had to plug a mouse in to even control the computer. could this be a driver error, or should i send the screen back for repair? if it is caused by heat wouldnt the problem just re-occur...?? any ideas, thoughts, similar cases... that would be great i already searched so please dont tell me to do that i actually need help to a problem that i cant find the answer to.