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Thread: Q: Lilliput 7inch touchscreen wiring connections?

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    Exclamation Q: Lilliput 7inch touchscreen wiring connections?

    Hi guys

    I got myself a 7inch wide lilliput touch screen, but I cant find the model number on it as it was givin to me by a friend who bought it off ebay.

    I am trying to connect the screen to evectra computer. The problem is the screen has one lead coming out which is round 9pin din and it also came with a USB lead which has 3 RCA ( white, red and yellow) along with a black power kinda lead attached to the same usb lead. How do I connect it to the PC?

    I have searched everywhere and I cant find the answer.

    Any help much appreciated.



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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    there should have been another lead the connected at one end to the 9 pin and had a VGA plug and USB connector at the other.

    If you are in the US contact DWW he may be able to supply a spare lead.

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