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Thread: Lilliput Input cable question Male to male?

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    Question Lilliput Input cable question Male to male?

    So I got this great deal on a lilliput from ebay......ARGH. It did not come with the VGA adapter cable. So I ordered one form Digital World Wide. Now heres the problem. The Splay cable on the monitor is a MALE MiniDin9, and the cable i got from DWW ends in a MALE MiniDin9. So that won't work. I also got a cable that is FEMALE MiniDin9 to pcb headers. Which is cool, but in opening up the monitor, I can't find the headers that it is supposed to connect to.

    So anyone got anyideas about how to make this work?
    Or am I just hosed.


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    Can you take a picture of all the connectors and such and post it, just to clarify?

    I got my 7" Lilliput pre-modified, so I don't know what connector came with it originally. My 10.4" Lilliput had a female 15-pin Dsub connector (much like a standard VGA connection - but not wired like one).
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    I will get some pictures when I get home tonight.


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    you could cut off both connectors and hardwire it. I seem to recall the lilliput's connector changing from the early model ones to the newer style ones. It's possible that you have an older, and the dww cable is for the newer style
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