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Thread: Laptop to Factory Nav Screen - VGA Detection Pin

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    Laptop to Factory Nav Screen - VGA Detection Pin

    I would like to try hooking my laptop directly to my factory nav screen. However, after hooking up the RGB and sync pins, the vga port does not detect that a display is connected (extend desktop button in windows wont work), so I cannot get anything to display.

    I have verified the VGA port is good by trying it with a real monitor. Its only when I try to wire it up in the car, that I'm having issues. So its probably something I forgot to wire in.

    Anyone have experience with this? Is there a pin on the VGA connector that I need to ground so that it detects a display is attached? How does the VGA port know that a screen is attached?

    BTW, I realize the resolution will most probably be poor in comparison to a true VGA screen, but nonetheless I'd still like to try this out.

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    Take a look at this.
    Or google for dummy VGA.
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    Thanks, that should help a lot! I only used one of the ground pins, because I thought they were the same. I'll rewire and play around some more with it after work.


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