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Thread: Dual DIN LCD touchscreen monitor?

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    Flip outs get old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverSquared View Post
    Flip outs get old.
    It's not a flip out. It is a semi flip down to put in a dvd. Else it is a regular screen, just a half inch smaller diagonally.

    As for double din, Wired got it. Basically as he said just a standard size. 1 din is what most radios take up. That 7" by a couple of inches radio is a single. Some cars use 1.5 din radios usually because who wants a 1.5 din radio, why would you steal it?! So double din, is just 2 of those openings put together. That's all.

    Then the point for screens, is that if you get a screen that basically fits a double sin opening, the amount of fabrication is greatly reduced because the manufacturer already made a good looking hole for 2 din size. If you get a 8" screen then you are gonna have to hack up the factory bezel, so a lot more fabrication is required...
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    regarding that 2 din mention earlier in this thread....IT'S AWAILBLE IN NORWAY NEXT WEEK!!!

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    I think they do...but not sure.
    Anyways here is the link:
    Just remeber, they havent yet put it in the webshop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red GTi VR6 View Post
    including a optical drive, a full computer, and an amplifier along with the mechanism for a moveable screen AND the radio functionality all in a double din space will be very hard to do and will probably cost a good deal when it is avaliable.
    Alpine and Pioneer manage to do it (although Kenwood and Clarion have not). Their 2DIN nav unit contain the screen, optical drive, amplifier, HDD, power supply, CPU, radio and screen motors. Doesn't seem impossible to me, nor cost THAT much...

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    a FULL computer.

    The units that alpine et. al. manufacture use a very stripped down computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    We're going to stock in the mp3car store them when they become available. Right now they arenít ready yet and Iíve been burned before so Iím not going to count on a on time release.

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    Zip-Lock: any thoughts yet on providing a transflective upgrade on them if everything else pans out?

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    well there is new pictures on the site if you want to see them.
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