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Thread: Huge Problem: LCDs won't work with Lilliput and M10000

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    Huge Problem: LCDs won't work with Lilliput and M10000


    I just installed my two headrest monitors and am having a huge problem trying to get them to work.

    They are connected to the composite video out on the m10000 motherboard. whenever i attempt to enable the video out i get a "OVER RANGE" message on the lillliput. I was told to set the bios to CRT+LCD on the 1.16 bios. That still doesn't work... The screen just went distorted this time. (Note: Ive tried every setting in the bios now)

    I even tried switching the bios back to the 1.13 version and it still doesn't work at every bios setting!

    Could someone please try and help me with this!!!!



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    I just wanted to add that if I set the motherboard to CRT+TV the lilliput just goes white and the lcds work fine!

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    Set it to use both... if you can. If you can't do that. Refer to your manual. If you can't do that. It can't be done.

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    Well, from the headreast monitors, with the lilliput still plugged in and white, go to display properties, and see which monitor is the primary, and what the resolutions are on both. I would set the primary to lilliput and the extended desktop to the headrest monitors.
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