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Thread: HELP!! Anyone had problem with tm-868 touch screen?

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    HELP!! Anyone had problem with tm-868 touch screen?

    I searched all over the forum, google, etc. but couldn't find the solution.

    I got a touch screen lcd from ebay. It's been talked on this forum a few times. 8 inch 640 by 480 native touch lcd.

    I got everything installed and it works fine except for 1 thing.

    When I calibrate the touch screen with 4 points clicking, it says "Eprom access failed". But the screen works okay.

    But every time I restart the system, I have to recalibrate the screen because it does not correctly point where I press.

    It seems like Eprom can not store the calibration data. Does anyone have this kind of problem or know how to solve it?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english.

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    I have the same monitor, no problems in three months time, so far I'm
    happy with it. The drivers that came with mine sucked, search for the
    Xenarc touchscreen drivers, if I remember right the factory divers didn't
    work at all.

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    Bob- do you have a link for those drivers?

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