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Thread: 1024 x 768 widescreen?

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    1024 x 768 widescreen?

    Hi, I've recently been looking at some of the 7" screens on ebay and it seems a fair amount are 16:9 and 1024x768. What I'm wondering is, doesn't this create a "squished" look to anything on the display? I would think it would be pretty useless for watching a DVD and would make it tough to design a UI for it.

    Is anyone using one or have actual pictures of the display?

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    I use an eBay 16:9 7" with 1024x768 resolution and it looks just fine. It's because the pixels aren't actually square, at least on mine. It looks great and is very nice to use.
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    My 7" is a 16x9 running 800x600. Some 'front end' software like Centrafuse is designed to take advantage of this and will show 'normally' even at that resolution.

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    How do you guys transfer the video to the LCD?
    Does your carpc have av out? or does your lcd have vga in?
    Or neither and you use a vga=>av converter...?

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    We prefer screens with a VGA-in, but they are pricey.
    PC output in general looks like crap though TV-out.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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