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Thread: Xenarc 700 TS calibration issue

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    Xenarc 700 TS calibration issue

    Hey guys,

    I am having calibration issues with my Xenarc 700TS. In a nut shell this is what I have done.

    1. I disassemnled the Xenarc 700TS.
    2. Fuse/mold the outer bezzle into my dash/console.
    3. Re-assemble the Xenarc 700TS
    4. Boot car PC and attempt use the TS. (drivers were previously installed prior to the Car PC being integrated into my car)

    When first touched the TS the mouse pointer was off by about 3 inches or so. I just figured it needed to be calibrated using the supplied software. I ran the calibration. After running the calibration the mouse pointer is still off by about 1.5 inches. I then ran the calibration again. It seems to get closer but I can't get the mouse pointer calibrated correctly to the point of contact on the screen.

    Are there any other tricks or tips that you guys may know of for calibrating these things?

    This is a brand new unit so I don't have any previous references on the performance of this TS.

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    The only thing I can suggest is take out the screen again and see if you have any extra glue on the inside of the screen housing. I ran into a close problem to this before and this is how i fixed it.

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    Thanks for the input. It appears that was my issue. Although I made sure to sand all my bondo and filler down, there was a very (and I mean very) small amount of bondo on the very inside edge of the bezel which was causing my issue.

    Problem solved. Thanks again.

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