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Thread: Flip Up & Down LCD.........NEED SUM HELP HERE

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    Exclamation Flip Up & Down LCD.........NEED SUM HELP HERE

    Hey guys, i ve recently bought a mazda 3 without a nav n i need sum help mounting a screen for my carputer install, the only way is to install it on the top dash ( cut in top dash piece ) , where the OEM navigation screen should b, however, i cant find ne screen that looks the way i want, heres wut im talkin about n i wish that u can tell me where can i find sumthin thats close to this screen

    Here's wut im lookin for:

    i would really appreciate ne help n suggestions...thank u

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    Please delete your double post, before someone posts there and you are unable. TO do that, go to that post, hit edit, and then advanced edit, and delete post.

    Now, why not try and source the housing for the NAV screen with out the screen. You should be able to get it from your dealer. Then just install a Lilli, Xenarc, or whatever, to meet your needs. This is a very common practice on this forum. Perhaps some searching would help.

    Something like this Guino's Mazda RX-8 :)

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