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Thread: Still confused on motorized vga touch screen

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    Still confused on motorized vga touch screen

    I've been lurking around this forum for a few days now reading and searching for information on a motorized touch screen vga that works. I keep reading there are certain issues with motor blowing going out and touch screen not working properly, but i noticed the postings where from 2005. Despite reading countless pages I'm still confused. It's now July 2006, have these issues been hashed out yet? I have one more question, is there a motorized vga touch screen w/o any issues? If so, could you post the model numbers and website where it can be purchased.

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    k301B! There was some issues before but they have been fixed. Havent bought mine yett but i will really soon.

    Hompage, manufacture

    more info in this thread
    new model K301B in dash monitor questions

    I will go for this one. ofc this is only one, but its the one iwe seen least problems with and its all i need, a good screen with touch.

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    It says it supports 640x480 is this monitor a wide screen or regular. Does it look good when powered by an EPIA board, i.e. not stretched out or text too small to read? Also anyone got a picture of it installed in dash? How far deos ti stick out from the dash, does the bezel come off?

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