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Thread: Samsung Transflectives soon to be out!

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    Samsung Transflectives soon to be out!

    Doing some research to come up with some other options for getting our 8" screens done, I ran across this:

    thought someone else might find it interesting and intreguing to say the least.

    not sure if it's been posted yet, running out the door right now so no time to search.
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    Cool, except that it's only QVGA 240x320 for now.
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    if its made by samsung, more than likely they'll market the product for the HUGE korean cellphone market first, then to portable DMB players(korean korean tv) (hence the small screen sizes so far)

    then to anything else, probably into the cars they make (yes, samsung makes cars as well)

    "Samsung will begin mass production of its transflective mSWV+ technology for high-end handsets in 2006. Later uses may include medium-sized audio-video products, such as personal media players and car navigation systems"

    quote from the page Red posted, so yeah, first cell phones, then to the small tvs, then cars

    but you all know, some 3rd party will find out how to make them as well, so we'll get them cheap soon :T


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