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Thread: Issues with Xenarc 700IDT

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    Issues with Xenarc 700IDT

    First issue: Mounting interference. I'm installing it in a standard 1-din adapter for my car (2003 SRT-4). However, the screws that hold the xenarc to the adapter won't let the screen open. They're not long screws, and I only have 2-3 threads to play with, but something in the screens slide action hits the end of them so that it won't come out. Anyone run into this issue?
    Any resolution other than trying to find minutely shorter screws and hoping I can get enough grip without interfering?

    Second issue: Power. I know this has been covered in some other threads, but I was having trouble finding exactly what I needed to know. The screen comes with a 3-wire harness, and a cigarette lighter adapter. The adapter only has 2 wires in it, the harness has 3. I used the harness, and tapped both power wires into the cigarette lighter power wire, and the ground into its ground wire. The screen will fire up, but then it shuts itself right back down. Will switching to a different 12V source in the car work better, or do the two power wires (12V, 5V) need to draw from different sources?


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    I'm certain the three wires are for +12v, IGN and Ground. There should be a manual somewhere to tell you which is which.

    And you should be able to use a thin spacer like a nylon washer or something for the screws, I'd think. Yes, this has been addressed on these forums, if I remember correctly. Search the forums to find it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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