This sounds daft and I've trawled the site looking for the answer but dont seem to be able to find it...

I recently bought a Veba 7" colour TFT/LCD monitor.

It came with an 9pin din to wire cable (looks like an S-video cable but it isnt an s video cable!) with 1 black wire (ground), red wire (12+), white wire (remote), brown wire (reverse light) and 3 female AV connectors - RCA yellow (video), RCA red (audio), RCA white (audio).

The pc I've purchased to use in the car is an HP e-vectra p3 with a standard VGA connector at the back.

My question is how do I connect the monitor to the pc!?

I've been advised to use a VGA converter such as this one -

but the svideo bit isnt svideo.

can anyone help?