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    I was given two 8" LG Philips LB080WV3 LCD screens. They came out of 2009 production test vehicles and they are functional. I have tried to search the web and have found no luck on schematics or diagrams. I only have the screens themselves and the output wires. Any suggestions, these are going to be installed with a DVD application in mind or spliced into a video IPOD. Please any help would be greatly appreciated as I am a complete newb, also any good how-to's on the whole setup porcess would be greatly appreciated.

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    What I was able to do is this:
    I had the wire in the clip and the colors are: White, Green, Gray, 2 Red and 2 Black wires (if i miss a wire no worry). Ok now what needs to be done is the 1 red and black that is linked with the gray wire is the Composite Signal wires. the Gray is the Diplay Enable wire, tie this wire to the other Red Wire(power +), THe black with this red is your GND. Power is 12v. I hope this helps and good luck.

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